Hello, Big Rocks Friends!

The recent spate of sunshine has lifted my spirits and beckoned me back to my garden. Has it called out to you, too? Maybe, like me, you used to garden or engage in a hobby you were passionate about, and then somewhere along the way, life got in the way. You got busy taking care of everyone else and put yourself on the back burner.

No more.

This stops today.

The time we have now is a gift.

I want you to do one small thing each day that’s purely for you. This is NOT selfish. It’s necessary to fill you up so you can continue to take care of yourself and others as we navigate these new waters together.

What hobbies or passions do you want to rediscover or explore for the first time?

Do you know what lifts your heart and makes it sing? Think about what would calm your spirit, engage your mind, heal, and energize you.

Gardening ticks all of those boxes for me.

The cycle of life, connecting with the earth, in addition to the excitement of green shoots bursting through the soil. The results are tangible. I can get my hands dirty, break a sweat, and I can also literally eat the fruits of my labor.

Photo by Whitney Zeigler © 2020

Photo by Whitney Zeigler © 2020

If gardening is your jam, as a former certified Master Gardener, I’m excited to share a one-page Big Rocks Planting Guide with you! Also, keep an eye out for short videos coming soon on how to:

  • Organize and store your seeds
  • Create your own garden organizing kit
  • An easy way to thin out your veggie starts
  • The right way to plant a tomato!

If you’re looking for seeds and starts for your own garden, check out the Sprouts & Sparkles Plant Sale on May 9th. Proceeds benefit Animal Aid PDX, a local nonprofit organization serving pets as well as those who love them. Here’s also a link to current sources for seeds, veggie starts, and soil amendments in the Portland metro area.

Please take a moment to close your eyes in order to think about what you will do to take care of yourself TODAY. This care can be 100% “nonproductive.” It can be silly or serious. It can be done in secret or boldly in public. It can be short or long.


Just. One. Thing. Do it right now. Don’t wait.