Getting your affairs in order can be the greatest gift to your loved ones and yourself.  It brings peace of mind knowing that you will have eased the burden placed upon your loved ones during the grieving process. Services include:

  • Gathering all of your important documents, passwords and information in one place.
  • Making sure you have a will, advanced medical directive, and other legal and medical documents in place.
  • Planning your digital afterlife (i.e. what happens to your information on social media after you are gone).
  • Simplifying your finances and organizing your financial documents.
  • Organizing and sharing your photos, videos and memorabilia with loved ones.
  • Writing letters to those closest to you.
  • Documenting and sharing health histories.
  • Organizing and sharing favorite family recipes with loved ones.
  • Making burial or cremation arrangements and planning your memorial service or celebration of life.
  • Preparing for an emergency or natural disaster.