Personal Organizing

  • Do you have a tendency to start lots of projects, but not complete them?
  • Does your life or office feel chaotic?
  • Are you overwhelmed by your to-do list?
  • Have you neglected important tasks because you find them daunting, boring or frustrating?
  • Are you a creative, big-picture thinker who hates to be bogged down by details?
  • Do life circumstances, such as health concerns or a new baby, have you feeling like things are out of control?
  • Are you putting out fires every day, never getting around to what’s truly important?
We can help!

We will work with you to identify your “Big Rocks,” set goals and knock them out of the park!  We will assist you in getting organized in a way that works for your brain and gently hold you accountable to accomplish your goals.  You remain in charge the whole time.  Our goal is to help you achieve a deeper level of satisfaction and joy in your life, work and relationships.

Do you have a dreaded task you’d love to delegate, such as filling out insurance claim forms, comparing health plans or filing papers?  Hire us as your personal assistant and “Poof!” It’s handled!

Estate Organizing

After the loss of a loved one, it can be overwhelming to sort through and make decisions about their belongings.  We will work side by side with you.  If you need to be involved remotely, due to distance or time constraints, this can be accommodated.  We can also work directly with an attorney, professional fiduciary, executor or personal representative.  Services include:

  • Sorting, organizing and creating an inventory of physical assets, financial records and memorabilia.
  • Organizing and scanning photographs and making them available to beneficiaries or family members.
  • Distributing items to family members or beneficiaries.
  • Arranging for items to be appraised, donated, sold, recycled or disposed.
  • Connecting you with and/or coordinating with other professionals and service providers.


Getting your affairs in order can be the greatest gift to your loved ones and yourself.  It brings peace of mind knowing that you will have eased the burden placed upon your loved ones during the grieving process. Services include:

  • Gathering all of your important documents, passwords and information in one place.
  • Making sure you have a will, advanced medical directive, and other legal and medical documents in place.
  • Planning your digital afterlife (i.e. what happens to your information on social media after you are gone).
  • Simplifying your finances and organizing your financial documents.
  • Organizing and sharing your photos, videos and memorabilia with loved ones.
  • Writing letters to those closest to you.
  • Documenting and sharing health histories.
  • Organizing and sharing favorite family recipes with loved ones.
  • Making burial or cremation arrangements and planning your memorial service or celebration of life.
  • Preparing for an emergency or natural disaster.

Small Business and Professional Practice Organizing

As the owner of a small business or professional practice, you are incredibly busy, wearing multiple hats and juggling several balls in the air simultaneously.  We can help get your business organized and design and implement unique systems that are easy to maintain.  This will free you up to focus on big-picture tasks and take your business to new heights.  Services include:

  • Transition planning related to your business or professional practice in case of your incapacitation, disability or death.
  • Setting up and maintaining paper and/or digital filing systems.
  • Managing email and documents.
  • Setting up accounting, work flow or other systems to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Creating an inventory of your businesses’ physical assets, products or supplies for insurance or tracking purposes.
  • Organizing your inventory, tools, supplies, etc.

Residential Organizing

Whether you are experiencing a life transition or simply want to declutter, harmonize and maximize the use of your space, we can help.  Big Rocks will work side by side with you to organize your space and set up systems specific to your needs that are simple to maintain, making your life easier.  We organize:

  • Home offices.
  • Kitchens and pantries.
  • Basements, garages and attics.
  • Living rooms, family rooms, great rooms and playrooms.
  • Tool and garden sheds.

In addition, we can also create an inventory of your household assets for insurance purposes.

Do you have a project that is not included above?  We’d love to talk with you about anything you need help organizing!  503.567.9610