A Journey

A Rightsizing journey begins with locating where we currently are. Where are you? Waking up each morning to a life you love? Or is dread weighing you down? Perhaps something just doesn’t fit anymore and needs to change but you’re not sure what. Or you’re feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward. Maybe you want to feel lighter, freer, and more passionate about your life. Let’s start Rightsizing, from the Inside.

A Vision

The next step in a Righstizing journey is envisioning where you want to go. In our decision-making process, many of us forget to consider how we want to feel. We may also find ourselves off-center from listening to other people’s opinions instead of our own voice. We get stuck in busy mode, on autopilot, often feeling too exhausted or overwhelmed to make mindful choices.

Where do you want to be? How do you want to feel? Do you want a more flexible schedule? The time to pursue your passions and explore new places? More time with those you love? Do you want to have a life full of only the activities, people, and possessions you love? If so, you may be ready to Rightsize from the Inside Out!

In order to make TRUE and lasting change, Rightsizing takes time and it needs to start from the inside! We have curated a very specific set of 11 stages for your rightsizing journey – one for each month of the year.