Does the thought of the upcoming holiday season cause your gut to clench with anxiety?

Feeling the weight of guilt, expectations, and commitments you don’t enjoy? Are you dreading navigating safety considerations when gathering with work colleagues, friends, or family? Stressed out about losing sight of who you are and keeping emotionally, physically, and financially sane through the holidays?

Want to reclaim the fun and joy of the holidays and let go of the stress?  

Here is the replay of the discussion we had to keep in mind in our process of decision-making.


“Rightsizing Your Holidays” Presentation by Whitney Zeigler

What is rightsizing, you ask? Ciji Ware, author of Rightsizing Your Life: Simplifying Your Surroundings While Keeping What Matters Most, defines rightsizing as “a process, not an event.” Rightsizing is a “conscious, practical, and psychological evolution in the way one lives one’s life…it will liberate you from many real-life burdens and free you in ways you cannot now imagine.”

Not only can we rightsize our physical possessions, but we can give ourselves the gift of rightsizing our calendars, commitments, holidays, and any other area of our lives! “Rightsizing” looks different for each of us. What is deeply important to you? What do you enjoy and value most about the holidays? What would bring you peace of mind this season? What can you let go of to focus on your holiday “Big Rocks?” Once you identify what you value most about the holidays, it’s important to give yourself permission to commit to that. In order to do so, 

I hereby wave my professional organizer magic wand and give you permission to:

    • Say no to social obligations and holiday events that you don’t look forward to;

    • Donate your time and money to only the organizations you truly wish to support;

    • Continue your self-care (sleep, exercise, meditation, etc.);

    • Set boundaries you’re comfortable within all areas, but especially in regards to your safety;

    • Feel gratitude for what you have (and let go of comparison);

    • Choose the people you want to have around you;

    • Set your own expectations;

    • Choose “presence over presents;”

    • Not send out holiday cards (unless you really want to);

    • Not decorate (unless you love it); 

    • Enjoy simple pleasures;

    • Hit the “easy” button and buy that dessert instead of baking it from scratch;

    • Make a list of the activities, gifts, donations, etc. you want to do/make/give and stick to it without apology!

Repeat after me, “I will continue to work to create a rightsized life, full of only the activities, people, and things I love.” (Imagine the freedom, possibilities, and lightness!) May you have a joyful holiday season!

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