Hourly Pricing for All
Organizing and Rightsizing Services

Weekday rates

$95 / hr per organizer | 2 organizers minimum
Minimum Appointment time: 3 hours

saturday rates

$142.50 / hr per organizer | 2 organizers minimum
Minimum Appointment time: 3 hours

Off-site time

For special research, donation drop-offs to multiple locations, coordinating third-party vendors, or other behind-the-scenes work to move your project forward, we bill in 15-minute increments at our hourly rate. If not for a large project, this time will be pre-approved by you.

Package Pricing

On-Site Consultation + Written Estimate

Two organizers for 60 minutes

  • 90-minute consultation
  • 1-2 organizers will meet at your location for a walk-through. We’ll discuss your goals, timeline and the details of your project. We’ll also address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Follow-up email with a detailed, written estimate for your project, including a timeline, breakdown of costs and a recommended plan of action.


Dynamic Duo

Two organizers for 3 hours

  • 3-hour organizing session
  • Basic supplies such as boxes for donations, trash bags, sticky notes, etc.
  • One carload of donations to one convenient location after the session. Donation receipt provided if desired.
  • Follow-up email with resources, encouragement and action items.


Half-Day Session

Two organizers for 4 hours*

  • 4-hour organizing session
  • Same value-added services listed above


Full-Day Session

Two organizers for 6 hours*

  • 6.5-hour organizing session including unpaid lunch break
  • Same value-added services listed above


*We can schedule more than two organizers at a time for larger projects to complete your project quickly.

FAQs About Our Pricing

Here's What is Included in Our Session Fee

For organizing sessions, our services include dropping off donations (one carload per session) at one convenient donation location after each appointment. This service is included with each organizing session for free.  We will also email you a scanned copy of your donation receipt and a list of action items after each session.  We will bring the basic supplies needed (boxes and trash bags, etc.) to your organizing session.

For all other projects, our time for certain services will be billed at our hourly rate. This includes onsite and offsite time for space planning, product research, donations/recycling/trash disposal or project-related purchases and errands.

We are also happy to recommend or arrange for on-site trash removal, shredding services, or pick-up of items to be donated or sold on consignment.

Travel Fee for Long Distance Clients

A travel fee may be added for on-site work that requires a round-trip drive that is longer than 60 minutes. Travel time is determined using Google Maps. This fee will be billed prior to on-site visits for each scheduled team member.

Organizing Supplies We Provide

Basic supplies are included with each on-site organizing session (donation boxes and trash bags, sticky notes, tape, Sharpies, etc.) We require reimbursement at cost for specific organizing supplies needed to complete your project, which will be pre-approved by you in advance.

If desired, we are happy to recommend organizing and storage products while working with you on-site during your organizing session. We will text or email you a link so that you can purchase the product directly and have it shipped to your home.

We do not receive any commission or compensation for any products or services we recommend. If your project requires extensive research, we will make arrangements with you to do off-site research (and space planning if desired) at our hourly rate.

A special note about products: Please do not purchase any products in preparation for our organizing sessions. This can inadvertently add to clutter. We do not know what will be needed until we first rightsize and set up systems with you. We will set up a temporary system by using items you already have in your home and ask you to “test drive” it for a few weeks. Then, if the system is working well and no modifications are needed, we give you our blessing to purchase products if you desire. Alternatively, you can just keep using the current items if you value function over aesthetics.

Deposits & Payment Options

We require payment at least 5 days in advance for organizing sessions or a 50% deposit for large projects to reserve your spot on our calendar. We accept ACH transfers (preferred – we will send you an invoice via Quickbooks), checks, cash, and debit/credit cards (with a 3% processing fee).

For large projects (clearouts, packing, and move management), we require an on-site consultation and written estimate for a flat fee. This is a 60-90 minute appointment and we will send you a detailed written estimate within seven days of the consultation (but usually much faster).

We accept, cash, check, ACH bank transfer, debit cards, + credit cards. Electronic check/ACH bank transfer is preferred. Merchant processing fees strongly impact small businesses like ours; for debit + credit cards, we charge a 3% reimbursement fee.

Our Free Donation Service

We will remove one carload full of donation items per appointment, drop them off at one convenient location on our way home, and email you the donation receipt and photos (if desired).

Read our Cancellation Policy

We are a small team and last-minute cancelations greatly impact us. We do not overschedule ourselves so that we can give you and your organizing project the special attention you deserve.

We require 48 hours’ business days (Monday-Friday) notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your organizing session (unless COVID-related or a medical emergency); otherwise, we will charge 50% of the scheduled session time. For large projects, we require at least seven (7) days’ notice to reschedule or cancel your project.