Assistant Professional Organizer


Leilani, a native of Portland, Oregon, discovered her passion for space planning at a young age. Her interest began with simple tasks like optimizing her small bedroom and soon grew to more complex projects, such as helping her family organize their pantries and creating schedule trackers for medications. The joy and relief she saw in her family’s eyes inspired her, and Leilani’s friends also benefited from her ability to rightsize their spaces before moving.

In 2022, she furthered her passion by graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Oregon. Eager to deepen her connection with her clients, Leilani studied psychology, gaining insight into the individuals she would be designing for. Her unique approach to design emphasizes creating spaces that enhance mental and physical well-being.

When she’s not transforming spaces, Leilani indulges in her other interests, such as painting, crafting, trying new cuisines, and spending quality time with her family and friends.