Organizing Services for Every Stage of Life.

Whether you are experiencing a life transition or simply want to declutter, harmonize and maximize your space, Big Rocks is here for every step of your organizing journey.

What Does it Look Like to Get Organized with Big Rocks?

We’re in this together! We will gently help you make decisions regarding your items and space. Our team is non-judgmental, respectful and compassionate. We set up simple systems that are easy to maintain and unique to each individual’s brain-wiring, abilities and lifestyle.

Organizing Services

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Senior Support

Here at Big Rocks, we consider it a great honor to help people through later life transitions such as moving, rightsizing, rehabilitating and adjusting after the loss of a partner.

We offer a vast spectrum of organizing services for older adults, including:

  • Reviewing family memorabilia and sorting, organizing and decluttering
  • Processing items to allow for transition into senior living
  • Support with organizing to make the home safe after an injury
  • Estate services
  • Moving and relocation services

We have seen firsthand how this process gives the gift of physical and emotional relief and rejuvenation to seniors. It is our life’s mission to create this shift toward peace and greater comfort.

Home + Office Organizing

Do you feel like your home or office is a struggle to keep organized? You need specific, customized systems designed for your brain! We’ll help you clear the clutter and make space for what truly matters to you.

Rightsizing + Organizing

Making decisions about  30+ years of family heirlooms, memories and stuff can feel like moving a mountain. Our team is here to compassionately help you. Together we’ll process through the stuff and get it into the right hands. You’ll be able to embrace the next phase in life with gusto and zero regrets!

Maintenance + Habit-Building

The true labor of self-care lies in creating (and sticking to) habits that support your health, emotional well-being and overall wellness. If you struggle to keep and maintain desired habits, we are here to help! Together, we’ll discuss your needs and create a support plan customized for you.

Staging + Home Refresh Services

Feeling like your home could use a refresh? We offer “lite” home staging services and decor restyling services! We’ll use items that you already have in your home, or by making small, inexpensive changes that make a big impact.

Holiday Decorating + Takedown

We know the holidays can be overwhelming. We are here to help with decorating your tree, fireplace mantle, entryway or any other indoor space.

We can also help remove decorations and store everything away at the end of the holidays in an organized way (the part nobody likes doing!). Want better storage for decorations? We can recommend the products that you need. Give yourself the gift of a less stressful season!

Note: Due to safety concerns for our employees, we do not offer exterior decorating beyond front porches. We use ladders no taller than 5 feet, so please consider the height of your tree (a 5-foot ladder will work for trees up to 8 feet high.)

You’re Ready to Get Organized. Congratulations! Now What?

Working with an organizer for the first time can make you feel vulnerable. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and at ease before we even begin. Here’s what to expect, from start to finish.


On this call, you will be asked a few questions to help us understand your project, goals and habits. This allows you to assess whether Big Rocks is a good fit for you, too! We will also assess your needs to match you with two Professional Organizers on our team who will most complement your personality and project.


If you have a small project, we’ll schedule you at the time of the free exploratory call. If a larger project, we will require a paid onsite consultation and written estimate.

Once we have scheduled your first session or onsite consultation, you will receive an introductory email with the photo, bio and direct contact information of your professional organizer(s). You’ll work with the same person for consistency, rapport-building and trust.


When the Big Rocks organizer arrives, you will work together to develop a big-picture plan and set a goal for each session. We will bring all of the supplies needed and will take a carload of donations away after each session. You can prepare for the session by hydrating, eating a good meal beforehand and turning off screens and devices to be fully present. Arrangements should be made for kids and pets.


Your organizer will send you a follow-up email with action items and a copy of your donation receipt if requested. We will continue to work with and support you until your project is complete. We are also happy to assist with tune-ups and ongoing maintenance.

Organizing Client Appreciation

“When I contacted Big Rocks I was very frustrated with the clutter and disorganization in my apartment. It all felt overwhelming and hopeless. They did an amazing job—starting from the initial survey and interview with Whitney to the day when she came to my house for a six hour long organizing session. I’d recommend them to anyone who feels stuck and not sure which way to go. They set me up for further success and I appreciate them.”
-Palo G

“My organizer was bright, kind and professional. We had a great time as things moved along. My HUSBAND even allowed her into his office and to touch his things! He had the best time; he was smiling and sharing his gifts from around the world. This is a well-run business. There is a lot of genuine affection for each other and their clients.
Both of us wish them all the best! They deserve the good things, that can come with accomplishments.”
-Pat V

“I had Whitney work with me for many hours. We worked on my den, hall closet, sitting room, master bedroom closet, hall closets and my kitchen. We labeled containers, tossed old food, reorganized the location of many pots and pans and items used once or twice a year. The change was remarkable. Whitney is non- judgmental and simply helps you go through your items and help you determine what you really need to keep and where to store it.”
-Leslie A

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