It’s 2022 and you’ve likely been asked if you have any New Year’s resolutions. Yet, for all our talk about our new goals, we often joke about how unlikely it is that we’ll continue to pursue them past January.

Why is it so hard to keep up our resolutions?

Our resolutions are the way we manifest our values. If we value health, we resolve to exercise and eat right. If we value learning, we resolve to read more and take classes. Yet when it comes to our schedule, we usually end up putting these things off because we’re “too busy.”

What is taking up so much of our time that we don’t have time for what really matters to us?

Maybe this year, instead of trying to add “one more thing” to our daily to-do list, we need to rethink our time entirely. Maybe instead of trying to slot in our resolutions whenever and wherever they’ll fit, we need to prioritize them first. We need to rightsize our schedules and our to-do lists and live in alignment with our Big Rocks!

Managing your time is not just about productivity, it’s also about creating space for what you value most. It’s about how you fit all those things together because none of them exist in isolation. What you do first thing in the morning affects what you have time, energy, and motivation for at night. If you burn yourself out with one aspect of your schedule, everything else suffers.

Join us for the first session of our “Curiosity + Courage” online series, where I will walk you through assessing how you spend your time currently, how you can rework your schedule to align with your values and priorities, and how to integrate your resolutions so that you follow through with them this coming year.

We only get this one life. Let’s live it with intention.

Here are five tips to create space for your resolutions:

  1. Find the ideal time of day for the activity.
  2. Set a SPECIFIC time and place for it, and keep it consistent.
  3. Budget enough time.
  4. Anchor the activity to something else already established in your schedule.
  5. Start small